Medtner on tour continues!

A younger contemporary of Sergei Rachmaninoff and Alexander Scriabin, Medtner wrote a substantial body of music, but during his lifetime he never achieved the recognition he deserved. In fact, even till today, only his piano sonatas have become more generally appreciated. With ‘Medtner on tour’, Chiahu and Frans endeavour to bring the public closer to Medtner’s chamber music works, many of which are unfortunately rarely performed.

Thanks to the ‘Fonds culturel national’, the first part of the project ‘Medtner on tour’ was successfully launched and executed in the autumn of 2016 with the musicians touring around the Benelux region and the United Kingdom. In a carefully selected programme, the public got the chance to become acquainted with Medtner’s first and second violin sonatas. To contrast with these sonatas, a piece by contemporary composer Noberto Oldrini was also performed.

Indeed, both Chiahu and Frans believe that it is important not only to showcase jewels from the past, but also to propagate the music of today. In the second part of the project (Medtner on tour – part two), therefore, they have chosen to juxtapose a contemporary piece written by composer Ivan Boumans with Medtner’s tremendous third and final violin sonata, titled ’Epica’.

Medtner on tour – part two will once again take place again in the United Kingdom, crowned with 7 concerts in the autumn of 2017, namely in London, Nottingham, St. Albans, Sheffield, Manchester and two recitals in Cambridge. Through this effort, the musicians are hoping to not only engage the listener, but also inspire other musicians to discover this unique composer and thus to sustain Medtner’s legacy.

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